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Gym Developments


Reception Area

Glenns Office & Store Room

Viewing Area

At the start of 2010 MGC acquired additional space due to the departure of RMBC Social Services. This will enabled us to expand the original training area by approximatly 30%.




Initially a lot of demolition work was undertaken to make the space usable. The new space was to include a more appealing and comfortable view area for our parents, a larger tuck shop, an office, a store room and a larger more welcoming reception.


This has been achieved and we are more than pleased with the outcome. The pictures opposite are just a selection from througout the process and what can be achieved with a little teamwork. Thanks to all who got involved.


Phase one was completed in November 2010 and this has propelled us straight into Phase Two. - Expanding the training Area.





Phase Two is focused on extending the actual training area and again making the space we have more usable. We are currently removing a number of dividing walls to create a more open plan working environment.


The gained space will allow for a permanent pommel area for the boys, with an integrated storage system for our gymnasts belongings. It will also create a larger floor space area, mirrored dance/ballet area and a dedicated first aid room.




Phase Three of the expansion is currently within the planning stage, and a number of decisions need to be finalised.




To all those people who made this happen. It is truely amazing what has been achieved over the past year and how much the gym has been transformed, none of which could have been possible with out the support from all those who gave up their time and got involved.


More images on the progress of Phase Two will be avaliable soon